Thursday, February 24, 2011

Project #6 - Operation: Reinvent "Bombshell"

BEFORE                                                                                                  AFTER

The challenge: transform an ordinary hardwroking mother of two, into a "bombshell", and show everyone (including her)  what an EXTRAORDINARY lady she truly is!
I''ve been trying to get this blog up all week, trying to come up with something witty and inspirational to write about this project. But a picture says a thousand words. So why tamper with a good thing?  I would just end up ranbling anyways, hahaha.  It was only my second Boudoir shoot I'd ever done, and we had alot of laughs, especially since the photos were meant to be a surprise gift for her man, who was supposed to be out for the day and we kept hoping he wouldn't come home while we were still shooting - trying to explain might have been awkward  hahaha.  But I have to say, my favorite part is when she came back a few days  later to pick out the photos she wanted, and she saw the final edited images and her face lit up when she saw them. She was so happy about the final pictures that when she came to pick them up ( they were a valentines gift for her honey)  she was actually jumping up and down with excitement, hahaha. I thought to myself, "that, right there, is why I do this." 
So there you have it folks. A Befiore & After segment. 
I'm working on a few photo challenges for upcoming projects, and I'm planning more photo adventures in the area , so stay tuned for more pics real soon. Some ideas I'm working on:
Fashion Week (I may have a lead on a fashion show)
Fire & Ice
Stained Glass (I swear, I will find an open church one of these days! haha)
Lightening (this may not be till late spring)
Snowboarding Action ( gonna get up to the ski hill before it closes and find a few showoffs! )
Ink (tattoo art!)

T|hose are just a few of the suggestions I'm working on.  Keep sending in your suggestions and I'll keep adding to my list!

Here's a few other pics from the same shoot....  ooh la la! 

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC week!!!!!
Here's to staying tuned and staying outta trouble (oh, who am I kidding?!!)

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  1. JUST AMAZING, Janice! you have a true talent for this. Did you do her makeup? Can you do ME. Can you CAN YOU? (jumping up and down) I especially love her eyes.

    Humm, hope you find an open church - haha, ours has some of those frosty look glass cubes but I'm thinking thats not exactly what you are seeking.

    Love, Barb