Monday, February 28, 2011

Holy Hot-Pink-Butterfly-Pen, Batman!

Those of you who know me, know that it's a minor pet peeve of mine, being that I work as an office administrator at my day job, to have my pens consistently "stolen". Not that I think anyone does it on purpose, people are just very busy in my office, and they often borrow my pens when they are at my desk in the front lobby, and absentmindedly walk away with them afterward.  After losing about 6,492 of them (well, maybe not quite that many, hehe)  I began a search for the most obnoxious-looking pen I could find, in hopes that if I found something so ridiculously over-the-top, nobody would DARE be caught dead with it! hahaha.
The cashier at the till politely humored my barely-contained excitement over finding this pen ( pictured above) today,  I'm sure she found it odd that a floofy, sparkly, hot pink butterfly pen had made my day just that much better! 
Now at least if someone DOES walk away with my pen, it will be alot easier to track it down! 
Not too bad for a Monday!
 Hoping all your Mondays are filled with hot pink butterfly pens,

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  1. Oh Janice - you and me be the SAME! I have one with a wobbly chocolate ball ato.