Monday, February 14, 2011

Project #5 - The Sports Shot

Being a canadian girl, it's probably no surprise that I chose a hockey game as my source for this latest project.  Ta Da! I give you the body-chek shot. I was amused to have caught the poor guy mid-air before he hit the ice, hahaha. But hey, what can I say, this hockey team knows how to play their game! (They won 6-0!!!!) 
Funny enough, my adventure in getting this photo was accompanied by a reporter from the local paper who graciously agreed to let me tag along with him while he covered the game.  The best part was the surreal moment watching the puck sail right over the glass, bounce off the bleachers and head straight for me! I moved out of the way just in time and it bounced once more off the boards next to me and landed at my feet.  Too bad I hadn't been looking through the lens at the time, that would have made a SWEET action shot! Don't you think? The inevitable coma would have been totally worth it, hehe =)
Here are a few more shots from the game, which was their last game of the season before the playoffs.....

The overhead shot,  which was from an awesome vantage point from up in the annoucers booth.

Now I must confess, I had a fairly typical canadian childhood, growing up with a brother and father who played hockey, as well as cousins, uncles and alot of my friends. I spent ALOT of time in the arenas and I actually really hated it, It bored me to death and to be honest, with the exception of  the Olympics Gold Medal hockey game last year (which I watched holding my breath along with everyone else)  I actually avoid watching hockey because it puts me to sleep! Seriously. If I get insomnia, which I occasionally do, I just find a hockey game on tv and I'm out like a light! hahaha. 
Taking photos of a live hockey game seems to have changed all that for me. It's so much more interesting when you're trying to catch the live action in a photo! I might actually start to like this game yet, hahaha. Yup, I guess I''m just a typical Canadian girl after all.   And proud of it.

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  1. Hay Janice,

    Um (dare I say this in public, in Canada?)... erm, I kinda dis-like hockey. I know I'm like two headed or something I'm sure. I don't mind going out with our dad to a local game or something but as for the whole big business of it, nuh-uh! But, while I say that, I TOTALLY love your photos. Great shots, love you go for the unusual angles.

    Can't wait to see these in the paper!