Tuesday, December 11, 2012

You Still Remember Me, Right?

Is is sad that this is the most revent photo of me? Taken back in the summertime? ACK! 
Ahhh, the joys of being a photographer, you spend all your time behind the  lens taking pics of everyone and everything else so much that ya kinda forget about actually being in any photos yourself!
Quick photo update then of the past few months ..
A backyard bonfire party with friends, that resulted in a housefull of hyped-up, happy children with sticky-marshmallow faces and exhausted parents, and a slightly scorched patch of grass in the backyard, hahaha ( it;s all mostlygrown back now, thankfully)
Ridiculously delicious pizzas made primarily by my ridiculously talented husband
Helping this lovely lady prep for her successful craft fairs. She had such beautiful gifts to sell, all original, handmade lovelies that were so thoughtful. I especially loved her paper "Mistletoe-to-Go" crafts. I hung mine from the headboard above our bed.
 Not exactly subtle, I know, but definitely effective, hahaha!
We're getting all ready for christmas, here is our son Zach with his Operation Christmas Child Shoebox gift that he put together bimself (he spent his own saved money to fill it) before sending it out  ;) Such proud parents we are!  (not proud of the pic quality though, sorry folks!)
My next challenge is to try to snap a pic of hubby and I at the gym. We both love to workout so we plan "gym dates" together ;) I love that they have a good sturdy heavy bag there for me to work my marital arts on, and my honey does bodybuilding so he's impressed with their weight room selection and is more than happy that he now has a permanent workout partner who will always be there to spot him! 
I'm also working on some homemade gift ideas in the coming weeks so I will be posting those as DIY's so y'all can get'er done like we are, hahaha!
Homemade Everything This Christmas,

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  1. Its like "THAT" - totally! Thanks for your post, you're always a sparkle in my life.

    ♥ Barb