Friday, December 21, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside . . .

One of my li'l monchkins YEARS ago, all bundled up. Look at those kissable CHEEKS hey? haha  Well,  to quote a buddy of mine from facebook this morning, "what??? the world didn;t end???!  I was not expecting this. I better go do some Christmas shopping..."   Ha! 
Well,  I'm all prepped for christmas in the gifts departnent thanks to my friend and mentor BARB who so graciously gave of her time, effort and ingenious crafting skills to help me MAKE all of my gifts this year!!!

Check it out...
a delicious rosehip tea blend concocted by Barb herself!  ( you can go to her blog  HERE to see more, and I think she will be posting a DIY soon if you want any recipes or packaging how-to's)

Vanilla-scented sugar, (made with natural whole vanilla beans) for when you're feeling "fancy"!  It tastes as heavenly as it smells!  ( What? I had to try some - quality control, you know)  

(photos by Barb)

Speaking of COLD though, we didnt just sit around making sugar and tea and sweet little treats like a couple'o' suckers, OH NO, we did quite a workout too.
This is why I beleive that most people ( myself included)  NEED a workout partner - someone to keep you accountable, someone you can rely on to MOTIVATE you on the days that you just feel like skipping your 4k run in favor of a warm blanket and a book on the couch by a fire.
To add a festive "tune" we tied bells to our ankles so that we jingled along as we ran, hahaha! It was hilarious but we got smiles and waves from everyone we passed, hahaha. See how easy it is to spread chrsitmas cheer?

And I can tell ya, a good workout like THAT makes the blanket and the book and the fire that much more enjoyable afterwards!

But there is still the matter of FOOD for the holidays, so I'm headed out to pick up all the fixin's and put my name on the reserveed list for a  gi-normous turkey!
If I don't post again before Christmas, I wish each and every pair of eyes reading this a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and I'm sending you all hugs through the computer right now!
Gone like the last of the vanilla sugar in the jar on my countertop,
-J, xoxo

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