Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Ten of 2012

 Nothing makes you look forward to a new year like looking back over the past one - whether it was wonderfully special and rewarding (like this last year was for me) ,  or a disasterous mess that you cant wait to put behind you and forget, (I've had a few of those in my lifetime also),  nothing says "bring it on!' like a look backwards to propell you into the new year.

Last year I rang in the new year with a wonderful, amazing man that I had recently started dating,
[December 31, 2011]
and this year I am so incredibly blessed/happy/excited/overjoyed to be ringing in the new year with that wonderful man - who is now my loving husband ;)

I also enjoy reading all the "Top Ten" posts that pop up all over during this season of nostalgia and reflection. I especially love seeing which of my li'l ol' posts were your top favorites!
So in spirit of the season, here is yet another the list!
 Top Ten Blog Posts of 2012 :
1. For Really Big Mistakes ....
2. Broken Glass
3. Project 52: Now Here's the Kicker ...
4. Dealing With Disappointment
5. Project # 49 - Christmas Lights
6. Project #16 - Waterfalls
7. Project #25 - The Steam Engine
8. Holy Hot-Pink-Butterfly-Pen, Batman!
9. DIY Room Makeover: Part 1
(Which just reminded me - I lost the part 2 post!  I will post that before the end of this year, hahaha!)
10.  Starting New and Project 52 ....

I also follow of few blogs regularly that I wanted to share with you, take a peek - you may find yourself adding them to your own personal favorites also!

Top Ten Blogs I Follow :
1. The Life of Mrs. Miles ( my mentor's blog - love her!)
2. Kandee the makeup artist (she has tutorial videos and vlogs on youtube also)
3. Kevin & Amanda (my newest addiction)
4. 1000 Awesome Things
5. A Beautiful Mess
6. Huge Love  (the talented sister of Kandee the makeup artist, from #2 )
7. The Velvet Doe
9. journey.  (my cousin's blog - love her!)
10.  I Am Photograph ( good tips for photographers)

What about you?

Are there any good memories/traditions or routines from that past year that you're committed to continuing on into the year ahead? 
Any bad habits, negative attitudes or destructive patterns you've resolved to leave behind and begin a fresh new year without?

Do you have a "Top Ten" list to share also? Feel free to make your own and post the link in the comments below, I'd love to read it! ;)

I wish every single one of you a SAFE & Happy New Year,  and I'll see you all next  year! ;)

I'm outta here  and gone like 2012,
-J  ;)

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  1. Awww Janice I feel so honored to be in your 10!! Thank you!! Wishing you and your family all the very best for 2013!! xx