Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some days I Feel Like This . . .

It is only Wednesday?!?!   Oh yowsers....  hahaha
Well at least week is half over. So many odds and ends to keep up with, my poor journal is bursting with "to do" lists, my studio isn't even half finished, but here's a peek at my painting station

  . . .my laptop has been on almost 24/7  to edit photos and it seems it's now protesting (arggh!) and my forgotten laundry is waiting to be rescued from the dryer, ( If you're wondering why I don't just hang it to dry, it's because I'd probably just forget it out there and then it'd just blow away in one of our many recent windstorms, haha)
I warned my husband before he married me that he'll always know where I am by the trail of lists and post it notes I leave behind me - I wasn't kidding! haha

My list of ambitions for tonight after work ( and after taekwondo) is to finish editing my latest photos,  and print some photos for my studio, organize my existing supplies (and make a shopping list of supplies I need to replenish) figure out where I want my shelves need to go ( my Mr.offered to install them for me, THANKS BABE! xoxo) and hopefully start a new acrylic project  (I have a blank canvas screaming neglect that I can't ignore anymore). And somewhere in there my laundry WILL get rescued!  I can't gaurantee I won't fall asleep while I'm folding it though!
Before my kids go to bed I think we had plans to watch "Up!"  so I'm looking forward to it since I've heard great reviews about it. ( I haven't seen it yet so no spoilers please!)
How much you wanna bet my new painting might feature a balloon or two before I'm finished? hee hee ;)
What kinds of things keep you going during the week?  What kinds of things do you do for yourself to keep your sanity during long or busy weeks?
Animated balloons and post it notes everywhere,

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