Monday, July 23, 2012

Busy week = BIG UPDATE!

Get ready for a major overhaul - the photo below (of my husbands tools, haha)  doesn't even begin to cover the extent of the "building" that this blog  (not to mention my whole career) is going to undergo! 

I'm amazed at how FAST the time has gone by -  I can barely keep up with all the new stuff going on these days.(in a good way)  The good news is I have LOTS to share with you all in the next few weeks!  I've been steadily moving in a new direction over the past few years, and I'm so excited to share all the new changes this direction is taking me, I could almost  burst!
 I'm beginning a new business adventure again, ( to read about my last one, click here ) this time for my own online art store!  My love of photography has led me in a new direction, one that is way less client-centered and more art-inspired. I WILL still be doing photography, but my store will be more than just photo prints, I am also going to be selling my own paintings ( I do acrylic, and oil ) as well as my other handmade unique items, made not only by me by also my featured artist friends who are wonderfully talented.  I hope each of these will add a bit of happiness and inspiration to the lives of those who receive them! A tiny seed for this was planted in my heart a couple years ago, and since then that seed has grown in a dream that had rooted itself so deeply in my heart that it is now a part of me, and I am so excited to see it grow and slowly become a reality!   I will share more details over the following days and weeks as I can. Lots of fine-tuning to be done and many business details to be worked out, (I'm well-aware of the crazy time-consuming hours of hard work from when I started my first business with my friend Kendall)  but now that it's FINALLY happening I couldn't be more excited  - I'm ready to move forward!

I haven't had this much inspiration pumping creativity through my veins in YEARS!  I carry around THIS with me everywhere these days:

so that I can be sure not to lose any of the dozens of ideas floating around in my head at any given time, haha. It's already filling up with pages of ideas, notes, sketches, quotes and random inspirations that I don't want to let slip by. Oh, and my new favorite addiction these days is chai frappuccino's  - I'm going through them as quickly as I'm going through my art journal! haha

I spent last month cleaning out my mudroom to make way for my in-home art studio, so that I could have everything in one place, and I can make a big creative mess to my heart's content and not have to worry about cleaning it up when someone comes over, I can just close the door! haha ;)
Still have alot to do ( painting the walls, decorating, put up shelving, hanging canvas etc) but it's a start:
I already have a few things made and ready to hang, I'm super excited to post photos of them soon!
Once I get the online store ready, and I'm ready to list, I'll be sure to post photos of the finished studio and all the art projects as I finish them, including some fun DIY posts of stuff I've made to customize my studio! (custom fabric chandelier, anyone?)
In other news, I fell in love this week . ..  with these camera bags from epiphanie bags!

Saving up to get one, so I can haul my poor camera around with me EVERYWHERE while keeping it from gettting battered ( it still hasn't entirely forgiven me for dragging it around Mexico, haha)
you can see more here

I'll leave you with some random shots of pretties for your eyeballs to enjoy ;)  Remember to always look for the rainbow after each storm . . .

And stop to smell the flowers!

Hope your day is full of beauty and inspiration!
I'm off to go kick some butt in my taekowndo class (  and then home to continue customizing my new studio!  -J


  1. I love the camera bag...but if I get one I don't think I'll be able to talk Steve into carrying the camera. :) Your new adventure sounds exciting. Looking forward to seeing your work. :)


  2. Some days I feel like THAT too ... and I don't even work haha! How sad is that.

    I hope your dreams of your own business/online store comes to fruit, and knowing you you will MAKE it happen!!!

    I hope you win the camera bag and if that fails someone should put a bug in your husband's ear... my husband perhaps?

    Off to comment on your previous blog post, whew you have been BUSY.

    ~ Hugs, Barb