Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Project #19 Bees!

Definitely my scariest adventure yet! hahaha.  I am one of those people who is not just aftaid of bees,  I am absolutely PETRIFIED of them. I really couldn't even tell you why. I AM allergic, although not to the point of being anaphalactic. I just swell up to about 12x's the norm, hahaha. (I asked my doctor once, since I have no epi-pen, what Ishould do in the event that I should happen to get stung on or around my neck/throat. He said "Just don't get stung on the neck".  Gee, thanks Tips! ) Not only that,  but I am also one of those individuals who, despite my BEST efforts,  just cannot handle staying still when there is a bee around. Yup, I'm the lunatic running willy nilly across the yard, limbs flailing wildy. Sad but true.  Those you who have witnessed this not-so-rare occasion, you can stop laughing now.

So I spent the afternoon in amongst my backyard rosebushes,  literally risking my neck for you all, trying to get a shot of a bumblebee! I saw the most ENORMOUS bee I've ever seen. No kidding, this thing was almost twice the size of my thumb!  He was bobbing through the air almost as if his weight were too much for his little wings, hahaha.  If he had just stayed still long enough, I could have gotten a photo of him. But my poor jangled nerves wouldn't let me get close enough. I did manage to get a pic of this little guy here though. And then I got the hell-o outta there!

Chubby Bumblebees and Frazzled Nerves,

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