Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Project #17 - Architecture

Sometimes I wonder if I was supposed to have been an architect, since I could stare are these marvelous monuments to great vision and effort for hours.  I deeply appreciate each and every painstaking detail that went into these masterpieces.
It i ssuch a shame that buildings aren't built like this anymore.  It's because no one these days has the willingness to commit to a lifetme of hard work, without seeing the finished result.  I guess people's work ethics have changed.  Modern attitudes have evolved.  Once upon a time,  a person worked hard, giving his or her very best effort,  satisfied in the knowledge to have contributed to something greater than his or her- self.   There was no impatient rush to see the finished project or bask in the glory of due credit.  It all came down to honor, doing your job to the very best of your ability, no shortcuts. .
Nowadays it sadly seems that it's all about efficiency.  Getting the most 'bang for your back". And everyone wants instant gratification.  No one is patient enough to wait for the time it takes to create a long-lasting masterpeice, they want to do everything as cheaply as possible,  as quickly as possible.
You just don't ever really know what you've got, until it's gone.
I raise my glass in honor of all those who have ever had a hand in building such incredible testatments to the masterpieces mankind is capable of accomplishing through vision and a lifetime of hard work.

In Admiration,

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