Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Favorite Things ....

These two little dudes are my absolute FAVORITE things in the world. No, they are not "things" persay, but I HAVE been known to refer to them as Thing One and Thing Two from time to time, hehe, Hey, these two aren't always as angelic as they look in this picture, but they are still my Heaven on Earth =)

Some of my other favorite things.....

Mountain climbing. This photo is actually Phase 2 of 3. It was exhausting but AMAZING. Can't wait to climb some more!

The City skyline. Can you guess what city this is? My next photo should give you your answer. But go ahead and guess first, I'll wait...

Fireworks. Yes I admit I'm a bit of a pyro, hehe. This pic was a quick shot I stopped to snap as we ran through the City streets to catch a skytrain after the Closing Ceremonies of the 2010 OLYMPICS. (You guessed the city right by now I'm sure, yes it's Vancouver, BC)

Sunsets. My favorite time of day. (I'm a night owl not a morning person, so sunrises didn't make it on the favorites list!)

The Beach. I am 100% beach bum, hehe. A beach is also my favorite place to run because it's a harder workout and the sand is easier on the joints than asphalt

FOOD!!!!!! I LOVE FOOD. Aaaaand now you see why I have to run all the time ..... =P

Wine tours. And good friends =) Especially wine tours WITH good friends! (Check out the slightly dilapidated umbrella,  haha , courtesy of the winery becaue it started to pour when we arrived.  It looks like we had an unfortunate Marty Poppins incident, haha)

Halloween - and Halloween costumes! Dressing up as a mobster for a night was a riot!

Christmas. I love decorating my house for christmas. Don"t worry, I'm not one of those crazy people who puts their tree up in the middle of November, hehe I'm a firm beleiver that Christmas Decorating Shall Commence on the 1st of December and Not a Day Before! I also follow the tradition of taking down the tree on New Years Day. Hey, it's a new year. Ar that point I'm already making plans for the upcoming summer =)
Well, I have alot of other favorite things, but I didnt have photos for them on my computer, such as my regular Thursday Night BBQ's with friends.
I'm off to bed now, 'cause tomorrow starts a long day, ending hopefully with me and a friend sipping drinks at the Cactus Club! Have a good night everyone, and watch for details of my Christmas in November giveaway contest starting MONDAY.
Sweet dreams, sunsets and fireworks

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