Friday, August 15, 2014

......and then I got an iPhone

It has been a year since my last post. Wow. A whole year.  And what have I done with all that time? You may not have even been wondering that but I'll tell you anyways ;). I finally crawled out from  the rock I'd been stubbornly hiding under and caved to the digital age -yep, I got myself a smartphone. And then, once the novelty of my new toy tamed down to a quiet appreciation, I finally began searching out ways to reignite my old passions for blogging and disconnect myself from the time wasting social media apps that were dulling my brain  and my senses. 
I'm ecstatic about this Blogger app. And as soon as I logged on with my phone and discovered it had been exactly one year to date that I stepped back from the blogging world (to take a much needed breakI) I knew the timing was no mere coincidence. The time had come to pour new life and inspiration I to this tired old blog!
 So to kick things off right, let's get some new pics up here!  Here's a fun (but brief ) look back over my past year ;) 

(Mothers day) 
My furry little lunch date ;)

Homemade samosas
Car trouble lol
Homemade tandoori chicken ;) mmm mmm! 
Kids- Chilling with their uncle
.... And his buddy, both of whom happen to be the band Thirtystreet, who gave us a concert in our living room! awesome ;) 
Tried my hand at cooking Jamaican food ;) so good! Above : beef patties. Below: chicken curry
Our puppy has his first birthday! And celebrated with a little bit of ice cream at our friends fruit stand.(they spoil him even more than we do!)
With his bestest friend, our friends 5 year old daughter - so far the only person with the energy to wear him out ! Haha
Snuggles with daddy
ATV the orchard ! Good times 

Best. Cherry. Ever. 
In the shade!!!!
Creepy bug

Beware of Dog ;) 

And so begins a new year ! I will be starting September as a student, as I am going back to college this year (finally!) and I'm super thrilled to be getting to cross this super important, long-awaited item off the bucket list! 
Here's to a new year of memories, in photo form ;) 

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