Saturday, January 7, 2012


Ok everyone,  I spent this afternoon working on this survey, so I'm hoping praying, pleading and asking that you will all take this SUPER SHORT SURVEY to help us out with our market research for our new business!
 Just click on the link here
and fill it out, then pass it along to your friends.  I would appreciate it so very much!  If you see me around this week, make sure tell me that you've taken my survey and I'll give you a bear hug, hahaha!
  We are in the beginning stages of our market research , and anything you guys have to say is important to us,  we want to offer the very best Taekwondo instruction available for our students , and make ours the best martial arts school ever! Thanks so much everyone for all your continued support, we couldnt do it without you!

Anxiously anticipating results,

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