Friday, October 5, 2012

4 simple goals for thanksgiving

This is a particularily special Thanksgiving to us this year, as it is our very first thanksgiving together as a newlywed couple, awwww! [insert schmoopy stuff here]. We are looking forward to creating our own personal traditions as a couple and make some lovely memories to share for years to come.
 Here's my simple goals list for this weekend:

1. learn to play squash tonight with my hubby ;)

2. work at the office tomorrow (I'm working in lieu of a day off that I'm taking NEXT week for a road trip!)

3. find a special way to show my family and friends how thankful I am for them in my life :)

4. make a delicious turkey dinner with my husband and enjoy the yu7mmy leftovers in the weeks to come!

What's on your list for the weekend? What kind of Thanksgiving traditions do you have?

P.S. I will post a recipe for my homemade turkey soup too! I make it all from scratch, stock and all!

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful thanksgiving weekend being thankful for all the wonderful blessings in your life! 

Turkeys with extra stuffing, pleaseandthankyou!

- J  xo.

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  1. I know your holiday weekend afforded you some nice quiet time, yummy food and a chance to just REST for a day. Thats what we're supposed to do!

    I love all your photos - I like how you write.

    Look forward to your next post!